Initial Token Sale Live!

Crowdsale details

Date: April 18-28, 2018

Token Ticker: ECB

Token Name: 8thContinentBit

Total supply for the Initial Token Sale: 88 000 000 ECB

Hard Cap: 888 888 888 ECB

Price: 1 ETH = 800 ECB

Min. investment: 0.8 ETH

Token distribution: 8 days after the end of the Crowdsale

ECB listing on exchanges: May-June 2018

Expected increase of Tokens' value

Buy ECB Tokens to trade them on exchanges. We expect a serious raise of 8th Continent Token’s value, for two reasons:

  1. ECB is the currency of 8th Continent, consequently the masses joining the Marketplace in China buy the Tokens to be able to trade on the Marketplace, and strong demand increases the price;
  2. there will be no Token dumping, circulating supply will always be equal to the amount of Token purchased by new and existing users of 8th Continent.

Payment options

Or send ETH to Contract address:


Send BTC to:


Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 16.29.55.png

In case you wish to pay in BTC, please provide us an ETH account address where the Tokens will be allocated, by filling out the form below.

8C ETH Contract Address

Do not send ETH from an exchange or a hosted wallet! If you send ETH to the ECB Token Crowdsale Contract from an exchange account, your ECB Tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account, and you may never receive or be able to recover your ECB Tokens.

Provide us the BTC address, ETH account or bank account number you have used to send the funds from.
Provide us the ETH account address you wish the Tokens to be allocated to. Important! Please provide us your personal ETH account address, not an exchange or a hosted wallet address!
Please enter your Promo Code or the bounty ETH account address.
I accept the EULA *

You don't have BTC or ETH? Buy them for USD, EUR or major Altcoins here:

Or you can purchase the Tokens by wire transfer to:

Lloyds Bank:

IBAN: GB19LOYD30929231708368

Sort code: 30-92-92
Account number: 31708368


Seventh Continent Ltd

Marshall House, Ring Way, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2QD UK

Company number: 07288379

VAT number: GB 206 1132 65

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Invest in China 

Next-generation Digital Economy ahead of gates opening in August


You may register on 8th Continent Social Marketplace directly at using the e-mail address you used to sign up for the ICO above. Be vigilant against scammers, misspelled e-mail addresses and accounts, phishing attempts, malicious fake sites and other dishonest activities. Only use instructions and addresses you copy from 8th Continent Social Marketplace at or from our official ICO site at .